Clorox® Regular-Bleach 1(96oz)

  ô‡‰¨Gives you 33% more disinfectingsolution, which means you canclean more at a lower costô‡‰¨Clorox bleach makes for brighter,whiter whites and lets you do twiceas many loads as unconcentratedbleachô‡‰¨Clorox® users find stains wayeasier to deal with, and thankfullytalofainc2017easy-to-remove stains meanseasier laundry
Vendor: CLOROX Type: Laundry



􇉨Gives you 33% more disinfecting
solution, which means you can
clean more at a lower cost
􇉨Clorox bleach makes for brighter,
whiter whites and lets you do twice
as many loads as unconcentrated
ô‡‰¨Clorox® users find stains way
easier to deal with, and thankfullytalofainc2017
easy-to-remove stains means
easier laundry